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by theguywhogoton
2007-03-25, 23:37
Forum: Cafu Engine Support and Discussion
Topic: Other games
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Other games

Why isn't there any place to download user-made games? I would like to do that, I think that more people would download Ca3D if they could try out some of the games made with it. I would have liked to try some games made by other users...
by theguywhogoton
2007-03-25, 23:07
Forum: Cafu Engine Support and Discussion
Topic: How much would you pay for Ca3DE on CD?
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I would pay.... from the screen shots I see...$35 Canadian...also you should take the suggestions and post a couple examples of games...I can't find any on the site...and by selling CD's do you mean off of the site? Or are you going to find away to make multiple copies and ship them world-wide to Wa...