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by D4rkTorq
2013-03-08, 15:32
Forum: Editing and Mapping with CaWE
Topic: CaWE high CPU usage
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CaWE high CPU usage

When CaWE window doesn't have the focus, or is minimized the process utilizes almost 100% of CPU (=fan getting louder), which gets back to normal when the window becomes active. It seems to me that this happens only when open documents are maps (or one map, empty or not), but as soon as I add e.g. a...
by D4rkTorq
2013-03-08, 15:07
Forum: Cafu Engine Support and Discussion
Topic: Deathmatch static library
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Deathmatch static library


When building Cafu-src-r625 I've noticed that deathmatch is no longer built as a shader library, but a static one? Why is that? How are games loaded in cafu now?