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by 1DeVeLiShDuDe
2007-12-18, 04:20
Forum: Cafu Engine Support and Discussion
Topic: Upcoming December 2007 release - RCs available!
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Sounds great! DL'ing it now!

Never noticed the skip yet, cuz my average FPS are 15-20 - I wanted to see all the details so I didn't change any settings!
by 1DeVeLiShDuDe
2007-12-16, 01:04
Forum: General and Miscellaneous
Topic: Me still alive
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Howdy ALL! Nice to meet you!

Anyways, cool stuff you've posted there, and thanks for letting us know about it! Ditto! I don't have anything close to that to show, maybe after a bit of upgrading and a lot of work! When I have time I'll post some more screenies of my latest contribution of 'level3' made with the 'UnrealED_3.0 fo...