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by me_savage
2004-10-03, 09:38
Forum: Models, Materials, Textures, Sound, Music, ...
Topic: Handy tool for texture artists
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That Eleblend.... It looks almost exactly like the texture blending tools that are integrated into the new Hammer Editor for HL2/Source :p

So we might not need to look into Eleblend after all :p
by me_savage
2004-10-03, 08:39
Forum: Editing and Mapping with CaWE
Topic: Maps
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Hmmm, thanks to the forums, I think we could just get a little community off the ground again.

Can we post our maps that we create here?
Links to the maps we create, but hosted offsite?
by me_savage
2004-10-03, 08:25
Forum: Cafu Engine Support and Discussion
Topic: Which Game?!?
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Well, lucky for you I decided to come take a look at whats up at my fav 3d engine site and guess what i see :D FORUMS!! I see myself as an excellent level creator, so if you want a mapmaker for your project, then I would be glad to help you. I, as per always :D, would make the maps using Hammer. Jus...