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by John
2006-09-28, 04:44
Forum: Coding and Scripting
Topic: Unable to Compile code
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Hi rollace

Yes, it sounds like you don't have the platform SDK installed.
You can take a look at this link. It explains how to use VC Express with the platform SDK. ... usingpsdk/

That should fix the problem
by John
2006-09-02, 17:04
Forum: Cafu Engine Support and Discussion
Topic: GUI System and Scripting now available in the latest SDK
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The new SDK is really awesome and the GUIs look great. Excellent job Carsten.
Btw. I just went to the wxWdigets homepage and saw Ca3DE on the front page as a featured application. Very cool. :D
by John
2006-04-12, 21:12
Forum: Cafu Engine Support and Discussion
Topic: Fx Composer
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Hi Game_Genius I think the question Game_Genius is asking is whether or not you can write your own shader programs (ex. with Cg or GLSL) and add them to your materials and if so, how? I think the last question refers to what shader programs already exist and how to use them. ex. Is there a shader pr...
by John
2004-12-24, 22:03
Forum: Cafu Engine Support and Discussion
Topic: Ca3DE Bones Structure
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For static/world models, ase is good start. Doom 3 still has some mapobjects in ase format, but they now have .lwo (Lightwave format) in addition to the ase models. Most modeling programs (including wings and blender) can export to 3ds or wavefront .obj format. Alias FBX is another format that might...