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Incredible Video

Postby Kai » 2006-03-16, 17:03

I know this is a bit off topic ;)

But i have to show you this amazing video of new technology Apple invented, using a multi-input touchscreen.

Ordinary screens can only track one input at all but not multiple.

This new research project can actually have more than 10 inputs at time (also multiple persons at once) which enables super fast and intuitive workflow.
Think of the effect in the film "Minority Report", this is fantastic to work with !!

I can only hope they put this thing on the market as soon as possible...
Here is the video
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Postby Carsten » 2006-03-16, 17:39

Great info Kai! Cool news interesting to everyone are never off-topic. :cheesy:

I remember to have read a short article about this in the lastest (6/2006) issue of the c't magazine. Sounds very interesting, and certainly looks impressive! I just wonder if this technology will actually have in impact on a) general usability of common programs (like photo or text processing programs), and b) on wide-spread use of touchscreens (simple, usual touchscreens long exist, but are rarely ever found at office or home computers, even less frequently e.g. for photo editing etc.). So will these new touchscreens make the break-through where simple screens failed...?

I also wonder how the common software will have to change in order to be able to deal with so many "mouse-pointers"... ;)
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Postby Thrawn » 2006-03-16, 18:46

Very cool indeed. Could be next generaton of computers :D

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