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[Off-topic] Für den Erhalt des Flughafens Berlin-Tempelhof

Posted: 2007-12-23, 12:26
by Carsten
This is an off-topic post about the planned shutdown of Berlin-Tempelhof City Airport, EDDI, in October 2008 by the post-communist Berlin senate.

In my opinion, the Tempelhof airport should be kept open for a number of reasons, including financial, economical, environmental, historical and aeronautical.

For detailed information, background knowledge and reasonings, please refer to the sources:

This is the starting site from where you can find all the details: Reasonings and facts, how to participate in the petition for a referendum (Volksbegehren), News, Contributions, Press, etc.
There is even a Pro-Tempelhof song by Gunter Gabriel (I hope they play that on all stations 'round-the-clock! :wman: ), more quotes with great summaries of the situation, and contributions (photo gallery) by Berlin folks at
"Man muss sagen, ein Flughafen wie Tempelhof ist für Geschäftsflieger besonders wichtig. (...) Und dann mache ich den Flughafen nicht zu und einen Park daraus."
Angela Merkel, Bundeskanzlerin
"Berlin sollte Tempelhof nicht aufgeben. Die Hauptstadt der Republik darf jetzt die große und letzte Chance nicht verpassen, einen bundesweit einmaligen Standortvorteil zu nutzen: einen Flughafen in unmittelbarer Nähe der Innenstadt."
Helmut Schmidt, Bundeskanzler a.D.

:arrow: If you are in Berlin, please participate in the petition for a referendum (Volksbegehren) (details here) to keep Berlin-Tempelhof airport open! :up:
Also talk to your friends and relatives and tell them about Tempelhof airport.

PS: For those who don't know yet: I too have flown in Berlin-Tempelhof (and certainly intend to keep doing so!) and I'm a certified Flight Instructor for Aeroplanes and Motorgliders. See for more on my "aeronautical home". :captain:
My current avatar shows me in a friends Piper PA38 Tomahawk after one of our landings in Berlin-Tempelhof; you can see the large building in the background. I can assure you from own experience that flying at Berlin-Tempelhof airport is one of the greatest experiences in life, and nothing beats that airport when you travel to Berlin either for business or leisure.