Translation and idea

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Translation and idea

Post by shadow_lord1 » 2010-05-25, 23:09

Hello, this is my first post in the forum :)

I would like to make the translation of Cafu ENGINE.
to Portuguese, and is of interest, Spanish.

(the problem of translation,
is that each update would have to get the source, to translate.
otherwise would have to translate again.)

what do you think?

also like to create something, to import textures without having to write one. CMAT
(not manually).
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Re: Translation and idea

Post by Carsten » 2010-05-26, 11:00

Hi ShadowLord,
welcome to the Cafu forums! :welcome:

What exactly do you wish to translate, the (dialogs and texts of the) Cafu engine, the CaWE editor, the documentation?

Program translations (the first two) should include a proper initialization using the GNU gettext package, an overview is at

I'm happy to assist you in any case, just let us know the details of your plans. :up:
Best regards,
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Re: Translation and idea

Post by shadow_lord1 » 2010-05-26, 16:46

then :D
I'm from uruguay, but I'm living in Brazil, 1 year,
There are some groups of studies, for 3d games.
but the problem for many is:

not "dominate" the English language. :o

I would like then, of translate the CAWE, dialogs and texts, of cafu engine :)

And the documentation,
I believe that if we could "enhance" the knowledge of Cafu engine, in other languages,
automatically, we would have more tutorials in other languages. :up:
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