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PolyVox Technology (open source library)

Posted: 2011-01-30, 21:05
by void
Just found this nice library: PolyVox Technology

Quoting the "About" page:
PolyVox is an Open Source (ZLib) library for storing volume data and for extracting isosurfaces for rendering. It is primarily designed to be integrated into a game engine as a method of providing fully dynamic geometry (this is how it is used in Thermite3D) but also has other applications in scientific and medical visualisation.
A screenshot of a project using PolyVox:


This could be used to create a voxel-based terrain editor for example, giving great freedom in terrain creation (caves, cliffs...). :) Might be somewhat tricky to implement, though (?).

Re: PolyVox Technology (open source library)

Posted: 2011-02-01, 21:16
by Carsten
void wrote:Just found this nice library: PolyVox Technology
Looks very interesting indeed!
I remember to have read a paper about the underlying concepts and math a while ago, but I currently cannot recall the details.
It would certainly be worthwhile to check this out, i.e. does it support efficient LoD and culling of invisible objects (requirements for large scenes), does is support efficient ray tracing and collision detection, how is it textured and lit, etc.