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Digital Dillusion Graphics Studio

Posted: 2011-09-19, 11:15
by LandsHeer
Hello Cafu Community,

We are a recently founded graphics design studio.

Please take a look at out current Website: Digital-Dillusion

We offer services in 3D Modeling - Animation and 2D art, please take a look at our website for more information

Prices depence on what you need and how complex it shall be.
When you apply for a contract, I will go in contact with you over email or skype (what you feel more comfortable with) to discuss about it.

If you have any question, I will try to answer them here as quickly as possible. You also can send us a contact form over our website.

Kind Regards

Re: Digital Dillusion Graphics Studio

Posted: 2011-10-26, 14:44
by LandsHeer
We are also offering Video Editing and Music Composing now. :)