New release scripts and Windows 2000 support

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New release scripts and Windows 2000 support

Post by Carsten » 2012-04-10, 13:11

The newly developed Model Editor is rapidly approaching completion, and we will take the occasion to create a new stable, binary Cafu Engine demo release as well.

As creating precompiled, binary Cafu releases has been a lengthy and tiresome process in the past that involved many manual steps and was prone to errors -- this is also why you typically saw so few of them ;-) -- we've spent some work to create new scripts that automate all steps for creating, uploading and publishing new source and binary releases of the Cafu Engine: Additionally, the website is more clever now: it assembles the list of available files automatically, so that we no longer have to hand-edit it every time. As a result, making new releases is a lot easier now than it was before.

You can already see the fruits of these changes at the Downloads page, where the r514 releases have all been created as outlined above. (I will soon post another News announcement that addresses the newly released files and the Model Editor itself.)

Cafu Engine support for Windows 2000 and Windows XP pre-SP2

Unfortunately, it's getting more and more difficult to continue support for Windows 2000 and Windows XP Pre-SP2 in the Cafu Engine.

I'm still using Windows 2000 on one of my development machines, and never found that it's lacking any crucial features compared to the Windows 7 system I'm currently writing this post with. So I'm still perfectly happy, and if it was for me, I'd continue using Windows 2000 for Cafu Engine development. However, it's getting increasingly difficult to get recent drivers, software and support for Windows 2000. Worse, Microsoft's Visual Studio 2010 cannot build program executables that run under Windows 2000 and Windows XP pre-SP2, so we're stuck with Visual Studio 2005.

Well, all good things must come to an end, and so we've decided to officially drop Windows 2000 support in the Cafu Engine. (Inofficially, for my private builds, I'll continue using it for another while.) In fact, the recent r514 Windows releases have already been built with Visual Studio 2010.

I guess it is worth noting that the Cafu Engine has supported Windows 2000 longer than Microsoft itself, and far longer than most projects or companies would have done.

It may be possible to continue building for Windows 2000 using either Visual Studio 2005 or the GCC, but with newer compilers for the latest C++11 standard being just around the corner, we will eventually migrate to C++11 and take advantage of the new compiler and language features.
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Re: Cafu Engine used in university game project

Post by Scorphame » 2012-04-12, 16:33

Nice to hear it

anyway after of searching so much engine (even AAA engines too) I'm here again and evaluating the possibilities to make something with cafu engine, anyway I'm at university right now studying programming so maybe I can apply the modification to the engine...

anyway your engine is good :D!

best regards carsten :D!
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