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Release candidates and documentation

Post by Carsten » 2012-04-16, 10:47

Our preparations for the upcoming stable release are almost complete:

We've just uploaded the second set of release candidates. They are available at the Downloads page in section "Development Releases", where the files of the release candidates are named Cafu-bin-r525...

As one of the core features of the release will be the new Model Editor, we've also finished the related documentation, which you find at
The Model Editor How-Tos have a tutorial video that also serves well as introduction:
If you want to help with ironing out the remaining issues before the new stable release is officially announced and download mirrors are equipped, please
  • get and test the release candidates,
  • proof-read the documentation (edit the pages if you like!),
  • check the updated Feature List (sections "Model Features" and "Model Editors"),
  • the Gallery has a new section dedicated to the Model Editor as well,
  • watch the above video,
  • report all feedback, issues and questions at the support forums.
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