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Documentation updates

Posted: 2012-11-14, 15:03
by Carsten
Motivated by user feedback and recent developments, we've updated several pages of our website and documentation.
In this post, I'll briefly summarize the most important changes:
Any feedback that you may have is very much appreciated. If you would like to help, editing or contributing to the documentation Wiki is easy!


Re: Documentation updates

Posted: 2012-11-15, 13:17
by sphyrth
Personally, I could not keep up with all these daily updates. So it really amazes me that you can put up so much work (at least from my point of view) all by yourself.

If you do have a team, and I just can't recognize them, then I wish you all the best regards in providing us with all these benefits. Keep up the amazing work guys! :D

Re: Documentation updates

Posted: 2012-11-16, 16:57
by Carsten

Regarding the team, the situation is not easily put into words:
Right now, I'm doing most of the work alone, with occasional contributions from the outside. At this time, there is no hired staff or something, although I take staff, students or time-based contracts whenever I can afford it.

Overall, Cafu is in its nature very much a classic open-source project that depends on outside contributions very much, and thus, personally, with the word "team" I usually associate all the users and forum members and external contributors as well. ;-)

Overall, the development of Cafu makes good progress, and I'm very optimistic for the future. But as always, more team members and more contributors (no matter the precise definition of the words) to speed up the development would clearly help and are always heartily welcome! :up:

Re: Documentation updates

Posted: 2012-11-29, 16:25
by Carsten
A quick addendum:

I just realized that when I fixed something else in the website exactly a week ago, I accidentally shot some pages of our documentation. As a result, for the past seven days, some of your documentation pages showed not the latest content, but versions that were about a month old.


Fortunately, thanks to the great backup policy of our Wiki system (a DokuWiki instance), I've been able to restore all the latest, proper versions a minute ago.

In summary, nothing was lost, and the problem is fixed now!