2000-11-11 Dedicated Server is running

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2000-11-11 Dedicated Server is running

Post by Carsten » 2008-01-15, 13:11

The first basic version of a Carsten Dedicated Server (CaDS) and its corresponding test client, are now running! Although things are not as complicated as I had initially feared, there is still a lot of work to do on the network code. The benefit is that the new code naturally leads to a very clean and elegant program design. Unfortunately, the higher the workload at university, leaves me with less time to push Ca3DE forward.

In spite of this, my plans are to provide a version of CaDS (plus client) before April 2001 with which you can play simple deathmatch with multiple players on a LAN.

A lot of coding is to be done before then, and so I am looking now to receiving to your HELP: if you want to contribute to the Ca3D-Engine and have knowledge about player model rendering (using OpenGL), please contact me!

Someone also raised the idea of a publicly available map editor for Ca3DE. I really appreciate this suggestion, but as explained in the Feature List, the map compiling process still is a little lengthy.
I would, therefore, like to suggest the following: If you want to see your own map included or running with Ca3DE, take a Quake1 map editor, make your map, and simply send me the file via email. I'll transform and compile it, see what textures are needed, and then either send you the file back, or make it available for download.

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