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2002-12-15 New logo and technical updates

Posted: 2008-01-15, 13:47
by Carsten
Jorrit (Govo) has created a very nice title logo for Ca3DE that replaces the old Ca3DE - Carsten's 3D Engine title text, as you can see above. Jorrit, thank you very much!
Technical news: Neither the client nor the server deleted their world objects in their destructors (a huge ressource wastage). Fixed.
I also spent some nights during the last two weeks with writing CaPVS2, a much improved version of the existing CaPVS tool. I've put all the piled up ideas of several months into it, and the result was actually worth the effort: The asymptotic run-time of CaPVS2 is now not exponential anymore, but rather (essentially) polynomial! That in turn is very good news for map developers: Although CaPVS2 can still take a very long time to finish a world, it is now reasonably applicable even to the most complex ones. CaPVS2 is not yet quite finished, but it will be soon. I'll include it with the next MDK release, along with the corresponding changes in the user manual.