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2005-01-22 Support for ASE model file format

Posted: 2008-01-15, 14:12
by Carsten
In a great collaborative effort with Kai, we just added support for the ASE model file format to the Ca3D-Engine.

The ASE model file format can easily and conveniently be exported from many 3D modelling packages, most prominently 3D Studio MAX.
This saves modelling artists a huge amount of time, as the work-flow from modelling to testing in Ca3DE or the new Ca3DE ModelViewer is significantly shortened.
Both the Ca3D-Engine and the ModelViewer will empoly the new Ca3DE Material System for their rendering of ASE models (and in fact, everything else).

The support is currently limited to static (non-animated) models, and no Multi/Sub-materials are supported.
The support will be available with the next public release.