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2005-01-22 Approaching the 100-th revision of CaWE

Posted: 2008-01-15, 14:14
by Carsten
CaWE is approaching it's 100-th source code revision as submitted in my SVN version control system since it's start of development.

Latest developments are headed towards mimicing all MFC functionality in wx. This means that CaWE currently in fact has two GUIs: The MFC one and the wx one. The wx GUI is currently at 90% of the functionality of the MFC GUI. As soon as about 95% functionality in wx are reached, I'll start removing the MFC counterpart, probably even this week.

I've also spent considerable efforts to make the GUI as close to the great (simple and powerful) Hammer GUI as possible, in order to ease the transition for mappers from Hammer to CaWE.

Moreover, I'll continue work on the Ca3D-Engine core on Monday, preparing the new MatSys for the next release.