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2005-03-01 SubVersion server for Ca3DE development

Posted: 2008-01-15, 14:21
by Carsten
I just finished setting up a SubVersion server for Ca3DE version control.
It hosts the entire Ca3DE project. Similar to the public SubVersion server that I'm operating for CaWE, this internal server will greatly help me with development.
Please refer to the SubVersion website for details about why version control is such a great help and why I'm very happy to finally have one. :)

The server hardware is a Pentium 1 at 166 MHz and 32 MB RAM (yes, older than some of you). ;) It's running under Debian Linux and has a 2 GB harddisk for all tasks and a 8 GB harddisk for backups.
As soon as I have some spare money left, I'll upgrade the hardware by a factor of 10. Or maybe 20.