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2005-03-08 MatSys anti-aliased font rendering support compl.

Posted: 2008-01-15, 14:34
by Carsten
The new MatSys can now also handle font rendering. As a nice side effect, the fonts can finally be anti-aliased, which looks a lot better than before.
I also extended the Materials definitions to be able to control color and depth buffer masking. This feature was required for font and particle rendering, and will also be useful elsewhere in the future (e.g. for HUD elements).
No screen-shot of the new features today, as I'm sure you've all seen fonts rendered before. :)

Now, the only remaining sub-component that remains to be ported to the new MatSys is the Particle Engine. I'll start work tonight, and hope to be able to complete it tomorrow.
When that is done - finally! - the Ca3D-Engine is ready to be ported to the new Material System. Due to extensive preparations, I expect this to become a relatively easy task. I'll keep you informed. ;)