2005-06-24 Bug-fix release available

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2005-06-24 Bug-fix release available

Post by Carsten » 2008-01-15, 14:53

I've just finished uploading the latest bug-fix release "June 2005". :)

Changes include:
  • Fixes for many severe problems under Linux.
  • Added support for the jpeg image file format.
  • Screenshots are now saved as jpg files per default.
  • Fixed several broken texture images.
  • Added the Glock17 weapon model by KillerKind to the Models directory (not yet used in-game though).
  • Added a Linux dedicated server executable!
  • Fixed bad locale settings in CaWE under Linux.
  • The CaWE "view type" choice boxes in the 2D/3D views work now. That is, the 2D views can alternate among top, front and side view and the 3D view can render in wireframe, flat-shaded, and materials (textured) mode.
  • Time-dependent materials work correctly now in the 3D view of CaWE.
  • Fixed an OpenGL (X visual) related problem with CaWE under Linux.
  • Enabled the Undo/Redo system in CaWE.
  • Revised the documentation. It's still far from being complete, but at least there is a separate CaWE User's Guide now available in the Download section.
Enjoy! :wohow:

Oh, and here is a screenshot of CaWE, working correctly now under Linux:
Yes, this is translucent water in the editor. ;)

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