2005-07-19 New CaWE features and improved GUI

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2005-07-19 New CaWE features and improved GUI

Post by Carsten » 2008-01-15, 15:09

Look at that screenshot!
Look at that screenshot!
Look at that screenshot!
I've been able to complete a couple of important enhancements to CaWE during the last week. Most importantly:
  • Live preview of Ca3DE terrains in the CaWE 3D view. These terrains are a special feature of Ca3DE and can be very large.
    The new 3D preview is a great editing help for mappers to integrate the terrains with the regular, brush-based geometry of a map.
  • "Tool Options" bars. These bars adapt to the currently active tool, and offer a great method to specify the details for the current task that the user wants to complete. The screenshot shows the Tool Options bar for the "New Entity" tool. It has the same light green background as the current tool, so that it is easy to identify and it's purpose is immediately clear.
  • Rearranged and much cleaned-up the user interface. Thanks to the Tool Options bars, there is now much more space for the actual work area, and the arrangement of GUI elements is more intuitive and logical now.
The updates and new features will be included with the next maintenance release, which is scheduled to appear soon.

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