2005-09-02 September 2005 release of Ca3D-Engine available!

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2005-09-02 September 2005 release of Ca3D-Engine available!

Post by Carsten » 2008-01-15, 15:16

I am happy to inform you that both a new Ca3D-Engine demo as well as an updated development kit have just been released! :wohow:

This release is mostly a maintenance release. Significant "under the hood" work has been achieved, improving existing features and preparing Ca3DE for the upcoming enhancements.

Most work has been spent with the Ca3DE World Editor "CaWE" that runs both under Windows and Linux. The very user-friendly GUI has been further revised and significantly improved. One of the most visible enhancements is the live preview of very large terrains directly in the editor.
Moreover, the CaWE editor and the Ca3D-Engine itself can now import terrains directly from Terragen (*.ter) terrain files as well as from Portable Graymap (*.pgm) heightmap images. Both file formats allow for high-precision terrain definition. That means that Ca3DE can now handle mountains that are hundreds of meters high with a precision of millimeters! :-)

Also the Ca3DE Material System was improved in many regards. New shader keywords make it more powerful than ever before, and the newly completed cube-map support, together with sophisticated transformation matrix handling make it ideal for implementing rendering shaders for advanced reflective materials in the next release.

The following web news items have more detailed information about the latest features, inclusive feature-specific screen-shots:


For the next release, a "TechDemo" map is being prepared. It will focus on demonstrating the features of the Ca3D-Engine "live", in real-time, and all in one place.

Enjoy! :-)

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