2005-10-05 October 2005 demo and SDK released

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2005-10-05 October 2005 demo and SDK released

Post by Carsten » 2008-01-15, 15:20

The Ca3DE October 2005 Demo and SDK have just been released!

While this release is mostly a bug-fix and maintenance release towards the upcoming TechDemo, it also has two great new features: Support for the direct import of Doom3 md5 model files has been added, as well as an entirely new water shader!

The md5 importer supports the full power of the Doom3 models, inclusive animations, per-pixel lighting and stencil-shadows.

The new water shader has per-pixel animated waves that reflect the cube-mapped environment and it supports the Fresnel term for reflections and water translucency.

Here is the full list of changes since the previous (September 2005) release:
  • Added support for the md5 Doom3 model file format! Thanks to der_ton from http://www.doom3world.org for help and advice!
  • Improved/fixed the tga image file format support.
  • Fixed a long overdue bug with stencil shadows at certain non-2-manifold models that caused erroneous shadow artifacts.
  • Fixed another stencil shadows related bug that affected the OpenGL 1.2 renderer.
  • Added a great new water shader with cube-map reflections, fresnel effect, moving waves and nice alpha blending to all renderers of the Material System! :-)
  • CaBSP warns now when faces cause an overly big number of lightmaps, for example when the faces material accidentally had the "meta_noLightMaps" keyword not specified.
  • Fixed several problems with loading the renderer DLLs.
  • Fixed some 3D view problems with CaWE on Linux that were already fixed under Windows.
You should really see this live - it's animated! :wohow: The great features of the Ca3DE Material System start to pay off now... :)

There is currently no ready-made world with the above water in the demo, but one can easily be made with the SDK. The upcoming TechDemo will also come with a beach scene as indicated in the screenshots above, demonstrating the new water shader.

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