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2006-03-28 Transition to SCons and Visual C++ 2005 complete

Posted: 2008-01-15, 15:28
by Carsten
I've just completed the transition from "make" to "SCons" as the Ca3DE build system, as well as the transition to Visual C++ 2005 as the main Ca3DE compiler under Microsoft Windows.

SCons is a software construction tool that solves the problems that are inherent to the traditional "make" tool. Most importantly, SCons makes the management of complex, hierarchically organized projects possible. For example, Ca3DE currently supports the Windows and Linux platforms. On Windows, it supports the Visual C++ 6, Visual C++ 8 (2005) and OpenWatcom compilers, and under Linux it supports the GCC. For each platform/compiler combination, debug-, relase- and profile-code can be built. SCons makes it easy to add new platforms, compilers and build modes, even if the project is organized across several directories and sub-directories.

Visual Studio C/C++ 2005 is the new compiler from Microsoft. Besides being a very good compiler, its Express Edition is available at no cost from Microsoft. This makes Visual C/C++ 2005 the ideal compiler for Ca3DE under the Microsoft Windows platforms, as all MOD developers can now get the required compiler for free.

Once more I would like to point out that these two items are just some among several others that are currently under development at the same time.
The development items are generally organized around the main development of the upcoming Ca3DE TechDemo, and I expect other features to become complete during the course of that development.