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2006-06-29 Introducing the Ca3DE GUI System

Posted: 2008-01-15, 15:37
by Carsten
I've just created the first GUI with the new Ca3DE GUI System:
While you will probably find this boring and think that it is not a big deal, it indeed is: This GUI is fully interactive, scriptable with the Lua scripting language, and just the first example of many future GUIs to come! The underlying GUI System has become a very powerful and flexible piece of code, and I'm very happy about it, because it brings Ca3DE a great step forward with regards to interactivity, user interfacing, and eye-candiness. It also helps me to design the Ca3DE client rendering code in a much clearer way than before, and so the overall effect of the introduction of the new GuiSys is more than worthwhile. :wohow:

I plan to update the Ca3DE SDK soon. The update will contain all the new GuiSys capabilities inclusive example GUI scripts in Lua. With the release of the SDK, I'll also provide detailed documentation in the Ca3DE Wiki.