2006-12-18 Peek preview on the next release

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2006-12-18 Peek preview on the next release

Post by Carsten » 2008-01-15, 15:44

After a long period of hard work behind the scenes, the release of the next Ca3DE demo is finally getting nearer. Although I'm still not ready to announce a precise release date or the release itself (the current schedule is for January, or optionally early February), I just cannot wait to present you some screenshots of the current work-in-progress:
The screenshots show a tiny fraction of the underground building that you will be able to enter from the surface of a tropic island (early screens of which can be found below). :wohow:
Additional screenshots of the building can be found here.

While it's really too early to tell more, I think that we'll see a really exciting release soon - stay tuned! 8-)

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