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New website activated

Posted: 2008-03-24, 01:12
by Carsten
Just in time for the Easter holidays, I managed to finish and bring online the shiny new website for the Ca3D-Engine! :wohow:

The change away from the previous, dark themed website has long been planned: I've been looking for a new theme in light colors and professional look for years, but only in the fall of 2007 I've finally found one that I immediately liked.
As that new theme was made for the content management system "Joomla", of which the new version 1.5 happened to be released on 2008-January-22, I started the migration to both the new CMS and the new theme only a few days later. All old contents was converted and revised during the move to the new system.

My main goals with the new website are:
  • to achieve a new, fresh and professional look-and-feel that is both fancy but also focuses on the content,
  • to make it easier to write and manage news items than can be discussed and commented directly in the Ca3DE forums and be picked up as RSS feeds, and
  • to create a consistent experience that includes also the forum and the documentation wiki (the very same theme will be implemented for the forum and the wiki during the next few days).
Although the improving and tweaking of the new website and theme will certainly be an ongoing process, I guessed that the website is now good enough and ready for release, with Easter being an appropriate release date.
By the way, the original theme is named "firenzie" and was designed by

Anyways, back on topic: Most and above all on this day, I wish you a good and happy Easter!

Re: New website activated

Posted: 2008-03-25, 12:21
by Thrawn
Congratulations, fantastic move. The new website looks amazing :)

Re: New website activated

Posted: 2008-03-27, 23:19
by Carsten
Hi Thrawn - nice to hear from you!
And nice to hear you like the new theme, too! :-)

I'm currently working on employing the same theme with the forum and the wiki: Initially, I'll just make sure that the contents display properly in the new "frame", and in a second step, the colors of the wiki and forum elements will be adjusted too.

By the way, I'm making really good progress towards the next release of Ca3DE, and I'll post more details about the planned features and release date soon. :up: