Plans and facts for the next release

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Plans and facts for the next release

Post by Carsten » 2008-04-21, 17:05

Immediately after publishing the current 8.03 release, we have begun the development of the next version. And in fact, we've been so busy doing that, that I've hardly had the time to let you know about the important new features that are planned for the upcoming release - some of them have even been finished already!

Here is the list of the most important new features and changes:
  • CaWE:
    • New (and much better!) Entity Inspector dialog that replaces and subsumes the old "Object Properties" and "Entity Report" dialogs. [100% complete]
    • Introduced the "Command Pattern" (a very important internal enhancement). [100% complete]
    • Rewrote and improved the importer for Half-Life 2 .vmf map files. [100% complete]
  • Augmented the Ca3DE Sound System by introducing OpenAL as the new and default audio library, inclusive mp3 and Ogg Vorbis playback support. (FMOD is kept as an alternative and fall-back sound system.) We have also thoroughly revised the underlying architecture, so that the Ca3D-Engine can now auto-detect the best audio implementation on all supported platforms. OpenAL guarantees the best 3D audio output on all platforms, inclusive Windows Vista. :wman: [80% volume... er, complete]
  • The GUI System scripts are now truly native Lua scripts, the previous mix of Lua fragments and custom window definitions is finally gone. Even better, the GUI scripts now support Lua coroutines, that is, collaborative multi-threading, just like the map/entity scripts. Moreover, the new type system and Lua-to-C++ binding code makes it much easier for developers to make new window classes available to the scripts, who have full control now over the creation, use and deletion of all GUI windows. [100% complete]
  • The initial "Options" dialog of the Ca3D-Engine will be gone soon: It will entirely be replaced by a native, in-game GUI that is implemented with Ca3DE's own GUI system. [60% complete]
  • Improved support for importing models, support for models in Collada file format, and we provide a simple answer to the question "How do I get my model into the Ca3D-Engine?". [20% complete]
Stay tuned - we're working hard to finish the remaining issues, preparing for the next release. :up:
Best regards,
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Re: Plans and facts for the next release

Post by Hidong » 2008-04-21, 17:11

Wow it would be very great, dont work to fast ^^ rather quiet and witted.

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