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New 9.05 Release Candidate 27% faster!

Posted: 2009-05-08, 23:20
by Carsten
Memory allocation profile (red graph) while Ca3DE loads the huge TechDemo level.
We just published a new candidate (RC3) for the upcoming new Ca3D-Engine release!
Pick up the latest file at ...! :wohow:

As shown in the image, the new release, compared to the previous 8.09 release:
  • requires 27% less time for loading the huge TechDemo level,
  • requires 18% less RAM due to much enhanced collision detection code,
  • has improved in-game performance (mostly as a result of changed collision detection code),
  • and at the same time adds(!!) support for the Bullet Physics engine!
Note that the last point is a small miracle: Even though we reduced the overall RAM consumption, the Ca3D-Engine now keeps another "parallel universe" for its simulations in the form of a fully enabled Bullet Physics world!
The secret behind this wonderful new feature is a very clever sharing of collision data between Ca3DE's own code (used e.g. for player movement) and the new physics simulation. In fact, this sharing is the main contribution of the new RC compared to the last about one month ago, which suffered from way too high RAM and loading time requirements.

Compared to the prior 8.09 release, this new release candidate comes with plenty of other exciting new features:
Read this post (overview, libraries) and this post (GUI editor, font wizard) for more information! :book: :cheesy:

Please test the latest file and let us know your comments, feed-back and questions! :up:

Re: New 9.05 Release Candidate 27% faster!

Posted: 2009-05-16, 19:59
by Thrawn
Great work, such fundemantal groundwork is essential for any engine to make it to the top ;-) :up:

Re: New 9.05 Release Candidate 27% faster!

Posted: 2009-05-17, 20:03
by Carsten
Dear Thrawn,

thanks for your feed-back! I too am very happy with the way this release has turned out:
Although physics effects are still a bit underutilized in the current maps, we have now a very reliable and solid physics framework, where the player movement and other tasks are very reliably and efficiently computed by Ca3DE's very own code, and "real physics" is entirely in the realm of the Bullet Physics library - and yet both approaches use the same basic world data and triangles.

This is especially great because Bullet is free even for commercial use, is vendor independent, and among the developers, there is much enthusiasm for future development also with regards to parallel computing: GPGPU/CUDA approaches, where physics runs on graphics processors; OpenCL, where things run in parallel on the latest multi-core processors; or any other technology there is in this rapidly developing field.