Renaming Ca3DE to Cafu

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Renaming Ca3DE to Cafu

Post by Carsten » 2009-12-18, 17:00

We have long been preparing it, long been pondering it, and finally we're ready and happy to make the official announcement:
The Ca3D-Engine is renamed to Cafu Engine!
The name Ca3D-Engine, as well as its frequently used short form Ca3DE, has been used for the project almost since its invention many years ago.

However, it turned out that this name - a mix of capital and lowercase letters as well as a mix of letters and digits - also confused many people:
Is the proper name with right spelling Ca3DE or Ca3D-Engine? or Ca3D?
What is the relation to CAD?
It's difficult to speak (in any language), write and remember!
Well, you can probably imagine how difficult it is to find a new name for a project as large as this, a name that meets all our requirements: short, concise and timeless; somewhat fashionable, easy to speak in most languages, easy to write and to type, easy to remember; compatible with the old name (keeping some continuity); well suited for program and website logos, program names, etc. Oh, and without dash, with readily available domain names and no trademark conflicts or collisions with anything else.

We believe that we found the answer to all these issues with the new project name Cafu. As Cafu today does not only consist of a game engine, but in its entirety also of many tools such as map compilers, world editors, GUI editors, scripts, code and many other assets, we now use Cafu to refer to the project as a whole.

When we talk about specific components of the project, its easy to get more specific: Cafu maps, Cafu scripts, Cafu engine (very much like before, but without dash!), and so on. In fact, as the 3D engine is and stays the center of the project, we sometimes keep the two words Cafu Engine together. This is useful when the whole project is meant, but the thematic focus should also be communicated, as in the logo of this website.

We hope that you find the new name as much better as we do! The renaming-related changes cannot all be accomplished in one big step, but have already begun a while ago (most of the work is finished already) and will continue as we make new program releases and website updates.

By the way, the new name also helps us with something else: Cafu will become ... oh! wait! This is for the Christmas news! :wink:
Best regards,

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