New development releases

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New development releases

Post by Carsten » 2010-04-14, 14:34

We're happy to release new and updated development packages today! :wohow:

The current revision in the SVN source code repository is r49 (timeline), and thus the source code archives (zip and tar.gz) at the Downloads page have been updated accordingly.

Also at the Downloads page is the new binary development release. Just like the older stable release 9.06, it contains – at r49 – the ready-to-run binaries.

Regarding their content, these releases are mostly maintenance releases. They contain many fixes and enhancements as listed at the timeline and our news.
A very recent addition is the ability to record the paths of a players movement, and to load them as pointfiles into CaWE (details).

You start the recording of a path by typing

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at the in-game console. The recording starts immediately and writes the path into file mypath.pts.
The recording is stopped by quitting the map, by starting a new recording into another file, or by entering

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at the in-game console.

The resulting file can then be loaded into CaWE just like pointfiles for leak detection.

This feature has been specially implemented for another research project at the University of Applied Sciences of Dortmund, where the Cafu Engine is employed for simulating lighting conditions in urban environments. :up:
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