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Reference Documentation

Post by Carsten » 2011-03-15, 12:15

New and up-to-date reference documentation for both is now available! :wohow:

We've been documenting most of the C++ source code in the special commenting format for Doxygen for years. Doxygen is a tool for creating reference documentation from special C/C++ source code comments, and finally we got around to look into the setup, configuration, upload details and active usage of Doxygen.
Secondly, we have been able to migrate our Cafu scripting reference documentation from our Wiki to a second, separate Doxygen system as well. This leaves all "prose" and introductory documentation in the Wiki, but allows us to enjoy all the nice features of Doxygen for our scripting reference documentation. :up:

The new C++ reference documentation is found at,
the new scripting documentation is found at
For convenient access, both links are also available in the "quick links" menu at the top right of each Cafu website: As always, also regarding the new documentation, any help with augmenting or improving, as well as any feedback, is always much appreciated.
Enjoy! :book:
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