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Posted: 2004-09-24, 22:42
by Shadow
i thought it looked bad to have a board with no posts on it. and nobody is postin much ne more so wth...


Posted: 2004-09-25, 06:03
About 1/3 of which have posted...

Posted: 2004-09-25, 09:43
by Carsten
Well, yes, there is currently little traffic here, but that is probably because although there is heavy work going on behind the scenes, we're not announcing much news these days or do anything for PR.
I'm sure that will change as soon as the next release is out. 8)

Posted: 2004-09-28, 00:46
by Shadow
lol of course
u should start a forum or something that can be used as a dev diary for you or whoever else is working 'behind the scenes'

Posted: 2004-10-08, 18:03
by FraGGer
i post not too much but i post

Posted: 2004-10-08, 21:11
by Dodger
^^ Same here ;)

And i wanna add, that i nearly read every post, but i don´t know much.
But itßs still interesting stuff to read and sometimes even to understand ;)


Posted: 2004-10-10, 11:05
by Carsten
Dodger wrote:And i wanna add, that i nearly read every post
Good to hear that. Thanks. ;)

Posted: 2004-10-10, 11:37
by Thrawn
>>> :D Just waiting for the material system and the new map editor :D <<<

Posted: 2004-10-10, 18:33
by Shadow
haha mkay dodger.
if you dont understand just ask and we will try to explain it.
i read every post here and in like 5 other forums so im a busy boy haha.