Is there a demand for a German language support forum?

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Is there a demand for a German language support forum "Ca3DE Support auf deutsch"?

Yes, highly desired - Ja, das wäre sehr hilfreich.
Yes, but only visible to registered users - Ja, aber nur registrierte Benutzer sollten es sehen und benutzen können.
No, this would not help English speakers and increase confusion - Nein, das würde im Gesamten die Verwirrung eher erhöhen.
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Is there a demand for a German language support forum?

Post by Carsten » 2009-03-19, 01:25

Hi all,

we were wondering whether there is, in the "Additional Forums" category, a demand for a German language support forum like:
Ca3DE Support auf deutsch Image Image Image
Some pros:
  • Reduces the barrier to post questions for those who speak German, but no or little English.
  • The native language of the Ca3D-Engine developers.
Some cons:
  • A question in German language (plus subsequent answer) doesn't help the majority of English-only speakers.
  • English-only speakers may obtain search results that they cannot understand.
  • Many technical terms are only available in the English language.
  • Even German speakers should prefer posting in the English language in the appropriate forums whenever possible, for the above reasons. The Ca3D-Engine developers volunteer to help with translations or improving clumsily written posts.
Well, this was an idea that occurred to us when we were recently re-arranging the forums, and we were wondering how you would feel about it! Please vote!
We currently have not set a close date for this poll, and you can change your vote later if you wish. :up:
Best regards,
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