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IRC Meetings!?

Posted: 2004-10-21, 22:51
by Thrawn
As you hopefully all now, Ca3DE has got an IRC channel.

For those who don't know what this is: IRC is a chat system and with a programm (for example mIRC) it you can enter the Ca3DE chat.

It's cool to have to channel bud sadly there never is someone :(

So I got an idea: Why not do meetings on weekend where the community meets to talk about Ca3DE? For example saturday or sunday evening!

Tell me what you think!
For those who dont know how to get into IRC here is a ncie tutorial with pictures and download links!

The Ca3DE channel can be foind in the quakenet and is #ca3de

Or you open your IRC program and click on the following link!

I hope it works ;)

Posted: 2004-10-22, 11:31
by Carsten
Stormtrooper, you are, of course, right: There is not much action in the ca3de channel currently.
Personally, I was rarely there over the last few weeks because I was occupied during the nights with playing D3 through, and now I'm working on my diploma thesis or CaWE or Ca3DE. ;-)

Personally, I'll try to get better again in this regard, and will join the channel more often again.

I don't know if we can motivate many people to regular meetings, though: Saturday nights are the nights were everybody usually celebrates whatever real-life parties, and Sunday nights are the nights before the new weeks work-shifts start. ;)

Nonetheless, I hope to meet many people at #ca3de soon, perferrably in the evenings of middle european time. ;)

Posted: 2004-10-22, 11:44
by Thrawn
Friday? Monday? Tuesday? blabla? :shock:



Weekend is better, so people with different time zones can better meet...

Posted: 2004-10-24, 21:27
by Shadow
yes weekend is better. we have a few United states people here to so we are gonna have to compromise as far as time. i think we should just ask which people are interested so we can decide a time.

Posted: 2004-11-28, 13:43
by Thrawn
Just wanted to post a spam post here to remind everyone!! :wink:

Posted: 2004-11-28, 19:35
by Firefax
I am in the channel. Most of you miss each other just by minutes. e.g.

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