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blurred icons

Posted: 2012-04-08, 14:37
by Haimi
Hi @ll,

I am using small images for icons. I made the images 48x48 pixels and set them as Background for a 48x48 Pixel instance of WindowT. Here is my Material definition:

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    diffusemap #/Textures/Icons/Wood.png
    LightShader   none
the "Sharp"-Definition comes from a rewritten texture loading, where the path is starting from the game root.

So, the image should fit perfectly into the window but is heavily blurred. Any Idea if I must set some shader or whatever?

Thanks in advance,

Re: blurred icons

Posted: 2012-04-08, 21:33
by HWGuy
Well when my skybox was looking bad Carsten noted noCompression and that fixed it's bit depth and was sharper.

Re: blurred icons

Posted: 2012-04-08, 23:48
by Haimi
Thanks a lot! Works perfectly!