i see many errors that could be fixed....

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i see many errors that could be fixed....

Post by sa-x » 2004-12-09, 02:49

i found a few errors:
1. explosions are not even close to being real
2. rocket launcher fires grenades
3. grenades move slowly
4. standing on a grenade only takes off 25hp-its supposed to be a kill.

also whatss up with the the bullets? they show as red when they hit but blue when they miss. whats the point in that?
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Post by Kai » 2004-12-09, 04:12

Those are not really "errors" :roll:

Its just what happend, when a mod is just made to show what can be done.
There is a lot more.. from wrong player movement, up to strange performance breaks on some areas ..

1. its just a sprite explosion .. although Ca3D offers a nice particel system there is currently no used example.

2. thats because there is no real rocket model .. i suppose it will never be fixed .. those weapons are pretty "crappy" models from other games/mods .. we try to exchange them against own creations.

3. very basic physical behavior , as you may noticed the grenade is not rotating around its own axis..

4. The DM Mod is just an example not a project ! We are not working on the DM Mod but only on the engine ;)
If you like more damage, than feel free to add it .

The bullets:
Again only testing purpose, when a projectile hits a player its getting red as a visual indicator, thats all.

The DM Mod is not supposed to show a complete game nor a status of it. We only improve basic things and engine related things.
User are welcome to change whatever they want of the DM Mod or to create an entirely new mod.
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Post by Carsten » 2004-12-10, 19:29

Hello sa-x, welcome to the forum. :)
All of what you say is right, and will properly be fixed as the engine evolves. However, as Kai already pointed out, the DeathMatch MOD currently serves mostly as TechDemo, and only secondarily as a complete game. As the current dev. team is only very small in number, the matter is difficult to change even though everybody does his best.
Stay tuned -- we're working on it.
You're also invited to help. Just let us know your skills and strengths, and you're aboard. ;)

Best regards,
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