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3DS Max to Cafu

Posted: 2013-02-17, 22:51
by MonoAlithica
Right, I have a little bit of a texturing problem in the Model Editor. In 3DS Max I undergo a Render to Texture to bake the textures onto the model, I then save the model as a OBJ (the only format I can seem to open in Cafu). After this I open it in Model Editor and save it as a CMDL / CMAT file, then edit this in Notepad++ to apply the texture located in the same directory. However, it seems to apply the texture rather oddly. In the Render to Texture, a TGA image is saved of the model un-wrapped and a texture on top of each face - that is exactly what I see in Cafu. It doesn't map out the texture to each face, it just sticks the image straight onto it.

See image attached.

Re: 3DS Max to Cafu

Posted: 2013-02-18, 15:06
by Carsten
Hi MonoAlithica,

from your description and the screenshot it's hard to tell what the problem is.
Can you please attach (or send per e-mail) the related files, so that I can have a look?

If possible, please include all relevant files, e.g. the .obj, .cmdl, .cmat, and the texture image.

Re: 3DS Max to Cafu

Posted: 2013-02-18, 19:55
by MonoAlithica
I can't attach the files to a post here, what e-mail am I sending the files to?

Re: 3DS Max to Cafu

Posted: 2013-02-18, 21:19
by Carsten
MonoAlithica wrote:I can't attach the files to a post here, what e-mail am I sending the files to?
Oh, why not? Is there a problem?

E-Mail is

Re: 3DS Max to Cafu

Posted: 2013-02-19, 20:38
by MonoAlithica
I've e-mailed you the relevant images and object files. And yeah the forum won't let me upload files like the TGA's or CMDL files saying they are invalid for some reason. Either way, I've sent them to you now, I'm going to continue experimenting with it in the mean time.


Re: 3DS Max to Cafu

Posted: 2013-02-20, 20:40
by Carsten
Ok, I got the files, thanks!

As far as I can see, the Model Editor is working correctly, but the .obj file is the problem:
the texture coordinates that it contains seem not to match the contents in the texture image.

As a test, can you re-load the previously exported .obj back into 3DS Max, and see if it renders correctly there? (Or in any other application that can load .obj files)?

Alternatively, can you export into one of the other formats mentioned at ... le_formats ?
(And as an additional test, re-load into 3DS Max as suggested above?)

The two steps, especially the first, are important because they can tell if the problem is with the .obj file or with the Model Editor.

But most likely, it's the render-to-texture step that is not producing the expected results.
I don't know 3DS Max, but I'd recommend to check the related settings.

(By the way, why do you render-to-texture at all? Can't you re-use the source textures that you used in the first place?)