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Trinity source model?

Posted: 2005-03-08, 11:41
by scott
Hey is the original .max file (Or whatever format) of Trinity or any of the character models available, what about the weapons as well? I want to make some normal maps for them. I cant say I've seen how a normal mapped character looks in ca3de. :?:

Posted: 2005-03-08, 14:16
by Kai
You can import the trinity model and all the others by using milkshape, and of course convert them into another file format...

But i must warn you, the trinitymodel (i use it always for size relations) is very lowpoly and also not a closed manifold model ..

There is no max file 'cause the model is a free submission from HL1 i think. You have to ask the original author for the source file.

Posted: 2005-03-09, 11:38
by scott
Thanks for the info I will give it a shot

Posted: 2005-03-17, 06:26
by scott
Well it worked, I got the model into max and made a crappy normal map, unfortunately I dont know how to get it to display on her in-game.