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Multi-Player Demo

Posted: 2014-08-12, 19:39
by SoulRider
As I have previously mentioned, I have decided the Cafu engine will be my engine of choice once I return to programming, hopefully by the end of September. While I have a design for a full game in my head, I am well aware it will take many years to complete such a project.

So my aim is to start small and build my projects up in scope, adding a little piece of what is needed for the final project, until I am eventually at a point where I will have the core code and hopefully a core team around me to make the original planned game.

To this end, my first project will be to create a Multi-Player Demo for Cafu. This project will be released as open source. I plan to offer the code back to cafu, as well as binaries, so you can use it as a demo to promote the engine, and other developers can use it as a base for experimenting in the engine.

The game will be called Duel, and will be a very simple 1 on 1 deathmatch game. Simple symetrical cube-like rooms will be the playground. Characters will be simple stick like, hopefully with a simple shader of team color. Players will have one weapon on left hand, and one on right hand, controlled by mouse 1 and 2 respectively. They will be hitscan weapons. Each player has 100 health. When a player is killed, both players respawn at the start and go again. First to 5 kills wins.

Components needed:
Point Light
Radiosity Light
Particle System
Collision Model
Player Physics

A lot of these are already in game, and a few will need to be created. It will be a learning experience for me making the simple models and animations, and of course, writing the components and game code.

Sorry for the long post. I hope to update this over time when I eventually get back to programming, for now it's object and component design for me!!

Re: Multi-Player Demo

Posted: 2014-08-13, 16:40
by Carsten
Hi SoulRider,

thanks for the overview, it sounds very well! :up:
Looking forward to future updates! :cheesy:

Re: Multi-Player Demo

Posted: 2014-09-03, 01:40
by SoulRider
Simplify, cut back often. It is amazing how quick my initial idea escalated. Looking at the first post, that really is overkill for what is in all honesty are fairly simple mod.

Scaling back I have no need for teams, I can just make 2 multiplayer spawns. I can use the basic health code etc already in place, there is no need for me to re-write all that just for this simple project.

I have created a GameType component and a Score component which will be used. Creating teams in unnecessary in a duel game. Players will get to use the AR as the only weapon. Rules will be the same.

I will do some tweaking of the movement code, but it will just be to get the feel more to my taste, I won't be adding any special moves or anything.

If I knew a bit more about what I was doing, this simple project would take a month or two, unfortunately, I think I am looking at about 6 months..

Re: Multi-Player Demo

Posted: 2014-09-09, 02:59
by SoulRider
Here is a look into my current priorities while working on this project through my trello board. It is not updated regularly, but tends to get updated with a lot of things at once when it does, like today..

Once I have things working to some degree, I will link to the source code. I will continue to work on it until the simple original scope of the game is created. Although you may notice I completed a few items towards the expanded scope, but hey, they will be useful in the future to myself and others.

I will update the files to include the Open Source license details, but they may not conform exactly to code guidelines, as I only read them today, and there are lots of things like Tab indentation in my files. That kind of thing would need to be fixed before it could be incorporated into the build itself.

Re: Multi-Player Demo

Posted: 2014-09-10, 10:03
by Carsten
Wow, I didn't know Trello before, thanks for posting the link! Looks very good! :up: