[e107 thread] New Playermodel (highres)

Discuss artwork in all of its forms here, from level design to GUI button themes. New MODs planning, work-in-progress and other samples are welcome in this forum as well.
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[e107 thread] New Playermodel (highres)

Post by Carsten » 2005-09-19, 20:54

Kai wrote: Hi
here is my current version of the highres model, later used for the nmap. I need to tweak it more for the final result.. not to think of my lowresmodel.

My time is limited but im still working on stuff for Ca3d ^^

Stormtrooper wrote: Hi Kai, good to see you alive.
MDKai wrote: ...
...but im still working on stuff for Ca3d ^^
Thats really good, I think you are very important for the development of the engine because only your work can show the full power of it! I'm really looking forward on seeing it ingame, it looks fantastic! :wohow:
Advis wrote:Impressive, looking forward to seeing the finished version :)
Scott wrote:Looking good Kai, could you post some more shots, of wireframes, front back and sides as well as a close up of the face so we can see the detail a bit better
Carsten wrote:Excellent work, Kai! :wohow:
I sincerely hope that you stay with us, whatever else you do.

Btw., as only some Linux problems hold back the press release and News announcement about the latest release (Win32 version already available in the Downloads section), this is a good time for everybody, and especially you, Kai :-) , to state what feature you're missing most.
I'll soon concentrate my work on the TechDemo, and during that add all code that is necessary for it, like CaWE improvements, additional file formats, etc.
Just let me know what should be given priority.
Best regards,
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