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Posted: 2004-12-11, 14:11
by scott
That looks good shadow, have you made a normal map for it yet?

Posted: 2004-12-12, 05:37
by Shadow
no i havent gotten into that yet kai. i still need some work on the geometry. then i will work on getting a better texture. i might need some help with that. then i will have to decide how i want to normal map it.
thanks stormtrooper

Posted: 2004-12-12, 15:55
by Kai
Agree, it looks very nice :)

Due to my own tests i'll share some experience if you like ^^

-It is a lot more easier to create a mesh and texture based on more polys and "classical" texturing method.

-Doom3-type of texturing/modelling is a lot more complex and pretty complicated, also those models are only usable when dynamic lights are used, but they look very dull when the enviroment is based on static lights.

-Best solution would be, to mix them up both, so creating a simple normalmap or just a bump map for high frequent noise on a surface will be much easier.

So it depends on what you plan .. for outdoor scenes, stencilshadows are not pretty useful, but you can use dynamic lights on some areas (without the shadow) to get in touch with the normal map.
Remember that Ca3ds static light calculation also affect normalmaps but not that much like a dynamic light would be !!

Posted: 2005-01-16, 22:19
by Kai
After being absent for quite some time im back ^^ and i roughly finished today a new male playermodel.

Polycount so far about 1800

I thinking about more details but i hope to get more results soon.

Posted: 2005-01-17, 02:54
by Shadow
i hate you... y do u have to be so good... lol
at least u put effort into it. i just give all my people helmets to save polys and then i detail sumthin else lol. looks good. would post sum comments but i cant really think right now

Posted: 2005-01-18, 21:39
by Thrawn
Can't wait to modifiy it :wink:

Should be optimal for the techdemo because it can show what CA3DE can do!