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Sound Effects

Posted: 2005-10-19, 17:48
by Dodger
Hi Everybody,

great news! I am going to visit the German SEK (like SWAT for US Folks ;) ). I will be able to record al types of weapon sounds. Following weapons will be there for sure:

-> Glock (Handgun)
-> MP5
-> G8 Assault Rifle

I am not sure if they have any shotguns or stuff like that. But i am pretty sure they have shotguns around. They also have all type of granades, but i donĀ“t think they will us granades.

I also had contact with the Bundeswehr (Army). Maybe they allow me to record stuff during their training sessions.

I will visit the SEK on 4.11.2005 and i am pretty excited :D

Since i was worrying about the weapon sounds the most, this is quite awesome!!!!

Rewired is also working on some interesting stuff. So cool stuff will happen soon.



Posted: 2005-10-20, 11:32
by Carsten
Hi Dodger!
Nice to hear from you, and thanks for the great news! :wohow:

Are you going to join the SEK forces permanently, or is this a one-day visit?
I'm also looking forward to Rewired latest tracks...

Posted: 2005-11-02, 19:13
by joellus
hehe very cool i must say !

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