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Music Pack Volume 1

Posted: 2005-11-24, 07:29
by Pulsar_Coder

I am pleased to announce that our first Music Pack is available.

The pack includes 5 royalty-free track of different styles for only USD 7.95.

Please visit us at to listen to the demo files and see details.

Also, as this is our first pack, we would like to get your feedback about the tracks so as to generate better music packs in the near future.

Kind regards,
Pulsar Coder

Posted: 2005-11-24, 18:17
by Kai
Hi, first i was interested, but the samples are to short and i dont like that anoying voice telling me its a sample. Its already much to short so why also adding that ?

And by the way, isnt this some sort of advertising ? It has nothing to do with the development of Ca3D !
Also the site is buggy, for some reasons it hides most of the soundlinks after i clicked first. And there is no info what this site is about ?

Posted: 2005-11-24, 20:30
by Carsten
I fully and 100% agree with Kai.
The only reason why I'm not removing this ad is because it might have been useful for Ca3DE.

Posted: 2005-11-24, 20:56
by Pulsar_Coder
Hi, as said in the site we are working hard to have a new one with a pro look.

Regarding, the issues with the links it is the first time we hear that so we will look into it to see where the problem is, if any -maybe our server provider has mixed up things a little bit since the number of visitors and buyers these days have been and are still growing.

About Ca3D, well personally speaking, maybe this is not the thread to post this news -if so I apologize- but whether you use Ca3D or another engine eventually you will need media to include in your work and most visited forums are the ones that allow this sort of messages, what in turn bring new customers.

Thinks of it, we plan to post in our site the comments of our customers like:

" ... your sounds are great ... " Jhon Doe - Ca3D Engine forum. It is our way of doing cross-selling.

If this is not acceptable then -as said before- we do apologize. It will not happen again.

Finally, maybe we could extend the samples -or lower the times that annoying voice appears- but we are not talking of 60 bucks to buy 5 tracks. You will risk only 7.95 to find out the remaining parts of the tracks. I repeat, our customers had made very good comments about them.

Posted: 2005-11-30, 21:20
by Pulsar_Coder

Just a quick note: due to the amount of requests that we have received in the last few days, the length of our music demo samples have been extended to 1 minute 12 seconds each.

You can find them at our brand new site:

Kind regards,
Pulsar Coder

Posted: 2005-12-02, 09:17
by Pulsar_Coder
BTW, have any of you experienced problems wit the mp3 demos? Some visitors have reported problems. Anyway, the tracks in the pack are Wavs not mp3.

Posted: 2005-12-02, 10:32
by Carsten
Thread locked.