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Some progress info

Posted: 2006-02-16, 16:41
by Carsten
Hello all,

I think that I should post some progress info:
After an attack on a website that I'm responsible for, I was busy with recovery on Sunday, Monday and most of Tuesday.

However, I made big progress yesterday and today:
  • Fixed/revised the "Edit Face Properties" dialog in CaWE (the errors reported by Thrawn earlier, and a bit more),
  • Found the reason for the "broken" / bended handrails in the TechDemo map. Also found that fixing this problem is the same as fixing the small cracks between adjacent bezier patches. That means that one fix will cover two problems. :cheesy: I'm currently working on implementing this. It will involve a new cmap file format version, a new cw file format version, and better and fixed code both in CaWE and Ca3DE. The essence of the fix is that mappers can now set an explicit number of subdivisions, that is, they can control how many triangles are made from a patch. The automatic subdivision determination will remain to be available, too.
  • Also started to re-design the Ca3DE code. This is a very important issue that I'll continue to attend to during the entire future TechDemo development (and beyond). I hope to be able to make all changes in a "smooth" manner, so that we should never see a forced pause of the TechDemo development.
    The goal of the code redesign is to bring many advanced technologies that we have discussed in the past into the big picture of Ca3DE code, and to clean-up and revise all old, existing code. If somebody wonders: This work will not and never cause anything that is worked on today become invalid in the future.
  • I'm also experimenting with World-Machine and Leveller, and fixing other issues in the code, but these are not yet worth additional elaboration. ;)