3ds model format

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3ds model format

Postby PG » 2006-02-27, 16:08

Hey I read on the features page that a 3ds importer is being made for Ca3D any idea when this'll be done because this is the format we prefer to use. I've never even hard of ase, mdl or md5 which the feature page states are the current importable formats.
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Postby Thrawn » 2006-02-27, 16:23

Right now, the siutation is like this:

ASE is used for all static models. ASE is a file format of 3D Studio Max and almost every 3D Max can export to it (and most other modelling tools can do it too).

MD5 is used for all animated models, can be exported with plugins available for almost every modelling program.

MDL is old and outdated, though it's still supported it is not actively used anymore.

3ds Support was planned, but right now the development focuses on other things, and - with the support of ase, 3ds has become unnessesary anyways.
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Postby Kai » 2006-02-27, 16:27

Hi and welcome to the forum :)

There is only the idea or better, posibility for a 3ds import feature.
However our time is short and we have much things to do and improve. Currently we have ".ase" for static objects, and ".md5" for animated objects, both of them are really usefull and working very well.

md5 is a specific format of doom3 but is very open (and legal) to modification and there are already nice exporter for 3D Studio max for example.
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Postby PG » 2006-02-27, 16:48

:) Sounds fair enough. I only really wanted 3ds because I use zmodeler to model...everything. But I'm not really the modeler of PG Creations so I'll leave that up to him.
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Re: 3ds model format

Postby stallina » 2008-12-21, 17:40

3ds max does not render the inner surface , i need help? I am experiencing problems with 3ds max.
let's put it simple, i have created a box with 6 faces on it, i then deleted a few faces and rendered it. But the inner sufaces of the box did not show up. I have the same problem with all the other thing i have created. How do i fix the problem? thanks in advance.
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Re: 3ds model format

Postby scott » 2008-12-22, 13:25

You need to make your material 2 sided in the max material editor

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