Free Textures!!

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Cereus Prods
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Free Textures!!

Postby Cereus Prods » 2006-03-13, 21:35

I've got some "nice" textures for everyone!!!

Edit: The URLs are no longer working so I took them out.
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Postby Thrawn » 2006-03-14, 11:25

To be honest, they are horrible.

They are just a bunch of photo textures, which are low low quality because:
  • the lighting is bad
  • the colors are bad - caused by the bad lighting - and didn't get corrected
  • they are not seamless - so totally useless as textures
  • the resolutions are not wisely chosen - that might cause performance problems

    You should work on the colors and rething their scaling. Also keep in mind that your textures get heavy seams when displaying too much detail (sorta). Don't capture that small areas in textures and they might get better.
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Postby scott » 2006-03-14, 13:24

you know if you want free textures just go to all the textures there are 100% free for commercial use, sure they arent tiling or anything like that but they can be used as a base for others. Theres some great stuff there
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Postby Carsten » 2006-03-15, 10:22

Cereus, sorry, but the textures really aren't nice. Thrawn is 100% right.

Scott, thanks for the link!

The problem with textures these days is that they must not only come with a diffuse-map, but also with normal- or height-maps, and optionally specular-, luma-, etc maps (see ... :filetypes for details), which are not (yet) found in most texture libraries.
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Cereus Prods
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Postby Cereus Prods » 2006-03-19, 04:30

Thank you for telling me what I did wrong, I personnaly was thinking they looked better against my drawn textures, much to my partners dislike, I will try harder to make better textures, sorry for wasting your time.

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