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Posted: 2006-08-01, 17:41
by Carsten
Sindwiller, this is the wrong thread for gallery usage support. :ontopic:
Please contact me via email or PM about the issue. First of all, please let me know your gallery user name.

Posted: 2006-10-15, 16:52
by Thrawn
Something new.

120 polygons, 512x512 diffuse texture, 256x256 normal map

A set of barrels

Don't know if they are good :/

Posted: 2006-10-16, 18:13
by Carsten
Hi Thrawn :)

I think the barrels look good, but also a bit "idealized". That is, the materials look very clean. However, of course, I'm the least person who should judge that, let alone make suggestions for improvement... ;)

Posted: 2006-10-18, 18:00
by Thrawn
Yes, you are right. I refused to make them dirty because I think it's unrealistic that dangerous materials are handled without care... But it just looks 10 times better :D

New version

Posted: 2006-10-18, 19:24
by Carsten
Yes! :cheesy:
That's exactly what I meant!

Personally, I would suggest to make a little more dirt near the bottom of the barrels. That would make especially the blue one look even more natural. ;)
An alternative (or option) would be just to make it a little darker towards the bottom, kind of building lighting into the texture, as I think that that is something that a viewer naturally(?) expects.

Posted: 2006-10-18, 20:57
by Thrawn
How could I forget this :oops:

Check this out

Posted: 2006-10-18, 21:25
by Carsten
:kewl: :!: :up:


Posted: 2006-10-23, 21:40
by Thrawn
Look what I discovered in my animation program Lightray 3D

Click me!

The program has a function to create human bone structures just by entering some numbers and press a button :P

I don't know if the scaling is alright like this but this is just to show the principle anyways! Don't know If I will ever be able to create believable animations for humans...

But since the current animations are crap and years old, the best way to do is send them to hell and start news from scratch :twisted:

If I don't succeed at all, Levaravel still can try it, I heard that there's an md5 plugin for Lightwave as well.

Next thing for me to do: Think about new bone structures for the fps view and the world model ;) Animating weapons is much easier and it's certain that I can at least do that !

Posted: 2006-11-01, 16:10
by Thrawn
New static - a crate!

I really love the normal map :) 100% cg :)


Posted: 2006-11-01, 20:20
by Carsten
Wow, it looks great!! :D Very realistic. :kewl:

Just one question, the text printed on the create, does it say "HANDLE WITH CAWE" ?? :cheesy: 8)

Posted: 2006-11-02, 15:56
by Thrawn
No, its "Handle with care", but good guess, I wouldn't have figured that out :D

Anyways, I didn't like the branding so I changed the texure again, I think its more realistic now :)

Click me


I love normalmaps :D

This crate looks awesome even it is not THAT dirty :lol:

Posted: 2006-12-09, 16:19
by Thrawn
Thought we could need some lamps so I started to create some.

First result ;)

Posted: 2006-12-11, 00:03
by Carsten
Groovy! :kewl:

Personally, I'd make the lamp a bit shorter, it's very long, but besides that, it's really nice!!

Oh, and, well, would you mind to post your latest work in the public forums? I'm asking because of and because it's well worth to be shown in public. :)