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Internal WIP thread

Posted: 2006-07-18, 00:15
by Thrawn
Well we've got a WIP thread in the public forums which is a cool idea so let's have one for the internal, not yet public techdemo work.

I'm back from the vacations with 2 fresh new doom 3 texture replacements :)

First one (sflpanel4)

Second one (sflpanel4a)

By the way, Carsten please visit me please in our IRC channel (tomorrow night though I'm not there @ 6 pm till 9pm)

Re: Internal WIP thread

Posted: 2006-07-18, 09:34
by Carsten
Thrawn wrote:I'm back from the vacations with 2 fresh new doom 3 texture replacements :)
Wow, they're cool! :!: :idea: :wohow:
By the way, Carsten please visit me please in our IRC channel (tomorrow night though I'm not there @ 6 pm till 9pm)
Okay, I'll be there either before or after that.
I'm currently working a lot on the CaWE tools code, and this is also the reason for me sometimes not being in the #ca3de channel... so please forgive me the potential delays caused be me being non-present... ;)

Posted: 2006-07-18, 15:11
by Thrawn
2 other new onces =)



As there was a change in my time planning for today, I should be in IRC around 8pm :)

Posted: 2006-07-20, 01:19
by Thrawn

Posted: 2006-07-20, 09:31
by Carsten
Thrawn, your textures look awesome!! :kewl:

However, I realized that (some of) your diffuse-maps have parts that are fully black, which imho they shouldn't.
I first observed that when I tried to visually verify in your images that the lighting result of the yellow light source correlates with the normal-map that you placed into the same image, and found that I was not fully able to do this. Especially your two latest textures have significant black parts that imho should be colored. (Imagine that your textures are stamped 100% flat by a big stanza or roll (Stanze oder Walze). The resulting flat piece of metal will have no black parts, but metal color everywhere, and so the diffuse-maps should be colored. This also means that diffuse-maps tend to look very boring! Or in other words: Don't "pre-light" diffuse-maps, as you would do if no normal-maps existed (e.g. for older games).)

However, Kai is a lot more of an expert in this area than I am, maybe he can give some tips or advice here?

Besides that, I think that your textures are very well done, and I like the normal-maps and specular-maps a lot :!: :wohow:

Posted: 2006-07-20, 11:44
by Thrawn
You're right about that. I didn't think about that because I just reproduced what I did see on the original textures.

I think I know a compromize: I try to reduce the black parts and when it isn't necesserally important not to paint them black - which is though, in some cases, important. I don't want to completely get rid of them, because the textures then just look totally messed up in older render modes where there are no normal maps displayed or when there is no dynamic lighting casting on them.

But by reducing the black part's sizes at their outer borders and/or lighten the black parts up, the normal map effect will be optimized :)


I tested it out and I think it's a good solution that is a good compromize between displaying the normal map best and having a good texture when there is no lighting that uses the normal map...

Click me

Posted: 2006-07-21, 14:35
by Thrawn
Finished the sfl set and started to create those who are missing in the base_floor set :)

Click me

Posted: 2006-07-21, 15:56
by Carsten
Again, :kewl: ;)

I'm still making progress with the CaWE Morph tool; currently looking into editing the vertices also in the 3D view. I don't know if I'll have much or any time over the weekend (real-life work hits again...), but I am sure that I'll be able to complete this tool now soon enough... :twisted: :wink:

Posted: 2006-07-21, 18:01
by Sindwiller
I dont have access to the secret galleries :cry:

Wfr, Sindwiller

Posted: 2006-07-21, 20:54
by Carsten
You'll have to ask Dodger about it: ... rofile&u=8

Tell him I said it's okay. ;)

Posted: 2006-07-21, 22:33
by Thrawn
Rock n' Roll :D



Posted: 2006-07-22, 22:14
by Thrawn
Created the first static model for the techdemo, a shelf =)

Click me

68 polygons, 4 textures:

512x256 (only diffuse)
32x128 (diffuse/normalmap)
128x32 (diffuse_normalmap)
64x64 (only normalmap)

It's "based" on this model in Doom 3:

Click me too (I slightly changed the style)

Posted: 2006-07-24, 14:53
by Carsten
Hehe. Nice work, Thrawn!! :) :D

Posted: 2006-07-25, 15:28
by Thrawn
To let the techdemo lab actually look like a lab:

Lab signs

Those signs are not Doom 3 style but our lab isn't on the mars in the year 2300 ;)

Posted: 2006-07-26, 15:53
by Thrawn
OK, like Carsten suggested, I created versions of some signs which are dirty and looks used. I also created specular maps for all textures and scaled down the signs which are not dirty because there the high solution isn't necessary :)

Everybody likes dirty textures :D