[model] 9mm shell

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[model] 9mm shell

Post by Govo » 2006-10-13, 16:01

Hi everybody, Carsten (you might remember me).
My name is Govo, I've been following the Ca3d-engine progress for a few years now. I've been away for quite a time, but I ocassionaly visit the page and forums (even though I never leave a message). I was wondering if the models that are listed in the 'Artists Wanted' page are still needed (like the 9mm shells, ammo boxes, security cards etc.).
Since I had some spare time, I made a 9mm shell model. It's not special, but I think it's functional. Here's a render:
The model's 212 polys.
To download, click here 9mmshell.3ds (BTW: I used a simple material instead of a map.. lazy :-) )

Keep up the good work, the screenshots of what you can do with the engine keep looking better and better! :-)[/url]

/edit/ I could map the model if you want, might be better (and more detailed ^^)
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Post by Thrawn » 2006-10-14, 15:44

Hi Govo, welcome (back) to the forums!

Always nice to see old members back! A lot has changed in the last time, there is now a milestone in development after another regularly XD

To the models:
I fear we have no real use for the model right now, there are 2 reasons:

1. What you saw on the Artists wanted page is TOTALLY outdated. We are not working anymore on the deathmatch mod, and this model was for the deathmatch mod. Right now we focus on developing a techdemo. If you want to help us, we could send you additional information. We certainly need some help!

2.The model has too many polygons. 212 polygons for such a small model is too much! Just think about using these bullets for an MG and you fire 20 bullets, your fps would drop a lot. Modellers always have to create some sort of balance between polygon count and quality, because the smallest polycount is the best for performance reasons but on the other hand the more polygons there are the better the model might look ;) Even modern games being released right now only have bullets that have 12 polygons caused by performance reasons...

Of course if the model was just used for the loading animation, the polycount would be ok bust still very high.

In short: Your model is too detailed and we currently have no use for it. We would like though to help us out with the techdemo. If you want to, just drop a note and we will send you additional information!
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Post by Govo » 2006-10-14, 16:43

Sure thing, I'll try to help out where ever I can, just send me the information and I'll see what I can do :-)
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